Year: 1987

Crisis Normalization And Depression: A New Approach To A Growing Epidemic (1987)

By Fred Newman The following is based on a talk by Dr. Newman sponsored by the East Side Institute for Short Term Psychotherapy, on October 23, 1987 (later published in Practice: The Journal of Politics, Economics, Psychology, Sociology & Culture,

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Liberating the Congo: on the Cutting Edge of the Class Struggle (1987)

By Jacqueline Salit Practice, 1987 Practice Press is proud to publish the following interview with Serge Mukendi, representative to the United States of the Workers and Peasants Party of the Congo (POP), on the merger between the Congolese National Liberation

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Communists in the Mainstream (1987)

An IWP Plenary Presentation The accomplishment of our tendency is the development of a non-revisionist new left in this national sector. We have successfully built a tendency which is bringing communism into the mainstream of the body politic in the

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On a Mission for Peace: The International Peace Gathering in Tripoli, Libya (1987)

National Alliance, May 1, 1987 Jamahiriya! That is the cry of the Libyan people, the cry of their revolution. It means The Country of the Masses.” I hear that cry over and over again from thousands of Libyan people here

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Statement by Dr. Lenora Fulani Upon Her Return from Tripoli (1987)

The National Alliance Introduction (May 1, 1987) The following statement by Dr. Lenora Fulani, who led a five person delegation to the International Peace Gathering in Tripoli last week as the guests of the Libyan government, was made upon their

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