Month: August 1989

Rainbow Lobby Presentation (IWP Plenary, 1989)

The following is the 1989 Rainbow Lobby presentation to the IWP’s plenary session-a biannual gathering of IWP leaders and cadre. Although the names of IWP leaders such as Fred Newman and Lenora Fulani have been maintained for the sake of

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The Art Factory: What is a Revolutionary Workers’ Collective (1989)

By Fred Newman Stono, 1989 Castillo is a new collective of artists, journalists, technicians, intellectuals, formed by the coming together of two other collectives—the National Alliance (NA) newspaper collective (begun in 1979) and the Castillo Center for Working Class Culture

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U.S. Left Opens $2.7 Million Psychology & Cultural Center (1989)

By Jacqueline Salit National Alliance Newspaper, 1989 The New York Times’ real estate section described it as a “hands off condo conversion” in a front page story last April. The property is 500 Greenwich Street in the far west section

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